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Horror Queen Crime Scene
22 October 1987
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I'm Sasha. I'm 21. I'm a horror queen. I'm a walking contradiction. I'm a harvesters daughter. I am a city girl at heart. Small town girl with big city dreams. I'm passionate about things I agree with. I will rip you a new one if I do not agree with it. I'm narcissistic. I'm different but the same as everyone. I'm a nerd, a bookworm, a music whore. I'm not afraid to be who I am on a daily basis. I'm a libra. I live life to the fullest, no matter how hard it takes to do so. I'm fragile. I'm strong. I'm hypocritical. I'm amazing.

I stand up for the underdog, I stick up for the ones who are picked on. I don't take kindly to bullies, drama or bullshit. I'm a bitch when I need to be, not afraid to tell you off if you deserve it, but I will apologize if I am in the wrong. I am who I am, nothing will change. What you see is what you get with me. I am a cunt. I cuss like a sailor. I am for gay rights. I'm superficial but not shallow. I'm not high maintainance. I am working class. I am a text addict. I am a horror movie buff. I am a makeup whore. I do not like to spend money on things I cannot justify. Buying 50 dollar purses is ridiculous. 400 dollar is even worse. Name brand, sname smand. Fast cars and heavy metal are my favorite things. Love is amazing. Snuggling is even better.
I am me. Take it or leave it. I do not change for anyone.


one thing I'm passionate about:
You stand in the street, preaching that he loves everyone
See some guys kissing, and they've betrayed the holy son
When did we turn out this way?
Teaching that it's not ok to be gay
Seperation of church and state?
If it were true, that shit would be great
But the state wants to hate and the church condemns
Just cause she likes her and he likes men
Bullys see a kid with a rainbow flag
Come up behind him shouting, "You mother fucking fag"
Tolerence isn't there, as the kid screams and begs
While ignorance carves faggot in his leg
Most people don't want to waste their time
Turn up their noses when they hear "hate crime"
Though you can't change the spots of a leopard
I hope these fuckers remember Matthew Shepard
Live your life and do what you do
Cause who he loves doesn't affect you
Tolerence needs to be taught
And teaching our kids is the only hope we got
Hope that tomorrow won't be filled with hate
No ignorance towards who our peers date
The closet will be open
And this fear will be broken
Fear of being who you are
Forced to bare all these scars
You say loving everyone was his word
I guess exceptions were made and that shit's absurd
People's eyes will open and soon they will see
You can't change a person or who they want to be
This battle is fought every day, for the right to be ok to be gay
There is a state that has done something great
I hope everyone remembers the date
Massachusettes' tolerence went up a bit more
Making history in 2004
-By melssexysecret

This journal is friends only so if you want to read me you have to follow a few guidelines::
- don't typ lIk DIs
- Have some common sense
- Don't judge me based on what you read.
- Be literal
- Close minded fucks piss me off
- Do not take anything you see in my journal elsewhere.
- What I write stays here. Period. K?
- Snitches shot on sight.

My gaia self and other links.
I frequently play around on a site called Gaiaonline.

This is me:

Username: This ones for the Winter
I've been on the site for about 2 years now. I'm a forum whore, I frequent the general discussion forum a lot as well as my guild Abandon All Sanity. I also mod and make graphics over there. I've been around since 04. My gaiaversary is in december and I've made a lot of progress. I love that site and everything it entails. I've made quite a few friends, have become close with a select knit group and its my second home aside from here. I love Gaiaonline.

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